Hot Pot Harvest is a worker-coop growing Asian vegetables and flowers on the North Shore of eastern Massachusetts. 

We dream of a world where the foods our families grew up with are easy to find, affordable, fresh and delicious — grown with care as part of a local and global food economy that is democratically controlled, resilient to a rapidly changing climate, and restorative to our relationships with each other and the land. 

Our growing practices are beyond organic, and we never use any sprays or pesticides. We value moving at a pace that honors rest and prioritizes the health of the soil and farmers!

Overflowing pot of vegetables including bokchoy, lotus, daikon, shitake mushroom, and enoki mushroom over a teal background. Hot Pot Harvest cradles the pot in white text.

Sign up for a vegetable share!

From shared plots to cooperatives, our ancestors have grown food in community for generations. CSA shares are a way for consumers to share in the risk of local, small-scale farming. You pay upfront for a biweekly share, and we use that money to pay for seeds, fertilizer, and all of the supplies needed to grow and harvest a delicious share of vegetables for you from mid June to mid October.

What does a biweekly share look like?

The share will change throughout the season depending on how different vegetables are liking the weather, but you can generally expect 8-9 items including herbs, leafy greens, and fruiting crops. We’ll send out an email each week before pick up about what to expect in your share, so you can plan your favorite meals. Here are some examples of what might be in a week’s share, depending on the time of year!

A bunch of hakurei radishes


Pea shoots
Baby bok choy
Mung bean sprouts
Basil (Thai or Holy)


Choy Sum
Sweet peppers


Napa cabbage
Gai Lan
Winter melon
Dried hot peppers
Bitter melon
Daikon radish
Chinese cauliflower

The logistics

We have two different biweekly pick up locations to choose from, so make sure you sign up for the right one down below! You can get your share biweekly at:
Salem Farmers Market every other Thursday, starting June 8
Waltham Farmers Market every other Saturday, starting June 17

You’ll get a reminder email a few days before with what to expect in your share. If you forget, or miss a week – just email us and we’ll make sure you get your vegetables a following week!

Meet the Farmers


Reach out!

How to find us

Have questions? Want to purchase veggies or flowers wholesale from us directly? Email us at